For the past 30 years, we’ve been dedicated to helping Californians construct and retrofit super-efficient residential homes
and buildings that save money and positively impact the environment. When you want to live green and save green,
call SDI, your Building and Home Performance Specialists.


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We built our reputation as the experts in traditional and spray foam insulation over the past 30 years.  We can design a sustainable envelope that reduces wasted energy and gives you a warm environment.

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SDI customers no longer have to work with two different vendors for fireplaces and insulation. We now offer a full line of traditional & contemporary, gas, and electric fireplaces to meet every style and heating need.

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Building performance is a diagnostic measurement of your home’s energy consumption, usage and efficiency. SDI Blower Door, Duct Leakage and Combustion Safety Testing are tools designed to measure the level of safety and efficiency of a building and its systems.

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Reduce energy costs, then produce your own! SDI Solar Energy can reduce your monthly energy bills by helping you manage your energy usage. SDI will design the best energy solution to keep your energy bills low.


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• Licensed Spray Foam Insulation
• Batt Insulation
• Blown Loose Fill Insulation
• Blown Cavity Fill Insulation

• Blown In Blanket Insulation (BIBS)
• Building Air Sealing
• HVAC Duct Sealing
• FSK Duct Insulation

• Sound Deadening
• Home Performance Testing
• Fireplaces
• Solar Arrays and Installation