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SDI Energy Upgrade

Contact SDI If you are looking to update your existing wood burning fireplace with a gas/wood insert. With a Regency sealed insert you are getting multiple benefits: closing off the biggest heat loss in your home, zone heating, modernizing your fireplace look. SDI can help you find a contractor in your area that can do the plumbing work if you do not have gas to your current fireplace and update the finish to your fireplace.


Are you a Builder? : SDI is the preferred insulation and building efficiency contractor from Carmel to Napa

SDI is the preferred Insulation contractor for many builders from Carmel to Napa. We often begin talking with our builders at design stage to ensure the Insulation drawn up in the plans makes sense with the Title 24 report as well as the architecture. Let SDI provide and install the gas fireplaces as well. We work with many fireplace manufacturers and offer a full line of gas fireplaces.


SDI Outdoor Products

SDI also offers a full line of outdoor products. SDI also offers a full line of outdoor products. Whether you are building a new home or want to do some landscaping work, outdoor gas fireplaces are truly ‘hot’. Regency and Napoleon are our preferred manufacturers for outdoor gas fireplaces.


Mason-Lite Masonry Built Fireplaces

masonlite-featuresSDI is a dealer of the Mason-Lite fireplace which is a masonry built fireplace. The Mason Lite product is made in the Los Angeles area and the interior finishes off with real fire brick. We use Peterson Gas log sets that mimic a real fire without all the mess – ash clean up, hauling in wood etc.




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