Smile. You’re about to start
producing your own energy.

Look outside. If the sun is shining, you could be saving money right now. Solar has kind of an odd mystique about it. To most people, solar sounds like an obviously great decision. Harness the free energy from that big beautiful ball of fire in the sky, right? But for some reason it seems unreachable. We’re here to answer all of your questions and make installing a solar system as easy and inexpensive as it should be.




SDI Solar & HelioPower will work with you to custom design a solar system to fit your individual energy goals, roof orientation, and utility’s requirements. Every home and family is different and requires a tailored solar solution. Each custom-designed SDI Solar Energy system is unique, just like you!




Easy to apply for incentives from the State of California and Federal programs Can Save You 30% off the Cost of Solar

Federal, state and local governments offer tax credits and rebates to encourage homeowners to switch to solar energy. The federal government allows you to deduct 30% of your solar system costs off your federal taxes through an investment tax credit.
*Federal Tax Credit Incentive Example: System Cost $20,000 – 30% Tax Credit = $14,000 Actual Cost


Is Solar Right for Your Home?

Do you pay too much for electricity?
Does your home face south, east, or west with minimal shade?
Do you pay $200+ Electric Bills?
Is your home over 2,000 square feet?
Do you have an Air Conditioner or Electric Heating?
Do you have a Fountain, Pool, Hot Tub or Electric Car?
Does your home have a Media Room or Wine Cellar?


family-solarAn SDI / HelioPower Solar System means you have the best

We are the value leader in home solar. We deliver the most competitive price per watt in California according to the California Solar Initiative. Since 2001, we have delivered clean and reliable solar energy to over 4,000 homeowners throughout California. Our strength is in electrical engineering, solar energy design, financing, custom installation and customer service.

The easiest way to find out if your home is right for solar is to talk with an SDI Solar Advisor. They will analyze your home and answer every question with no pressure at all.

kids-solarEnvironmental Benefits of Solar

Solar on an average 3-bedroom home will offset over 90,000 lbs of carbon dioxide. Saving the equivalent of not driving 100,000 miles!


What our clients are saying…

“Our annual electric bill has gone from $2000 to $80!”

Jan 22, 2013 by Daryl G.
My family used Heliopower to install a solar system on our home. The installation process was smooth as Heliopower handled all of the rebate paperwork, permits, and helped us get HOA approval. Their installers were professional and cleaned up every day. We’ve had no roof leaks or other problems with the system. Heliopower monitors our system and I receive daily reports about the production along with a website that has all of our historical data. Our annual electric bill has gone from $2000 to $80. We would highly recommend this company for anyone putting solar on their house.

“HelioPower beat them hands down”

Feb 28, 2013 by Pete Falconieri
I had my solar system installed by Heliopower and am very glad I did. I had 3 different companies come over and give me an estimate, and Heliopower beat them hands down. The installation crews were very friendly and neat, and had the whole system installed in only 3 days. I had some preferences about where to install the power inverter, and they accommodated me with no problems. When they came across a broken tile on the roof, they not only replaced it, but left me 3 additional new ones for any future needs. The system was very professionally installed and passed all inspections by the city the first time… I can’t be happier that I chose Heliopower for my solar system. Their cost per watt is the best out there, their customer service is great, and their equipment and installation is very professional. Anyone looking at solar should start with Heliopower, they won’t be disappointed.


solar-estimateReceive a FREE 3-D solar system plan for your home & learn how much you’ll save!



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